Private clients

Private clients

Dimensions, costum
Budget, costum
Style, costum
Since 1958 yours carpenters in Brianza, for your home, wherever it is...

We offer a service of DESIGN WITH NO OBLIGATION QUOTE careful and accurate, which aims to satisfy all your needs and followed by the owners with the help of collaborators who, using CAD programs and manuals representations to the "old way" will be able to satisfy any requirement of design, function and budget.

A survey with RELIEF MEASURES then precede the implementation phase in our workshop, which takes place in the tradition but with an eye to the future, using a dependence on the type of furniture, the planer to the CNC machine.

The ASSEMBLY, an important phase of the supply, is followed by highly qualified personnel...

Finally, a guarantee AFTER SALES SERVICE that will allow us to accompany your furniture over the years to maintain unchanged charm

Dimensions, tailored
Budget, tailored
Style, tailored

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