Cazzaniga & Cazzaniga is a family-owned business with over 50 years experience in the design and production of bespoke furniture.
Our success is the result of the experience of committed professionals who do not merely sell furniture, they produce it. We operate on the regional, national and international markets with products of high quality. The unmistakable style of our furnishings comes from the expertise of carpenters handed down to our days, resulting in furniture created according to the best crafting traditions.
Our interior design office is led directly by the company owners with the help of dedicated staff, on hand to study and design anything from the small piece of furniture to a fully customized room, to give you a fine and unique home where nothing is left to chance.
Our services also include:
- Estimates and drawings with no obligation;
- Surveys and measurements – including small projects;
- Delivery and assembly by our staff;
- After-sale assistance and product guarantee;
- Plans for water and electrics.

2008 - "Lombardia excellent crafts"
2010 - presence at "Festival del Design in Brianza
_Edizione 0"
2011 - presence at contest "Young & Design"
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